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Hot Tot Dog Crawl

This past Sunday, Molly, Sydney, Talia, Hannah, me, and few other people did a hot dog and tater tots crawl through Williamsburg. My original idea was to try and get people to do a photo crawl but somehow it has morphed into a food and photo crawl. Which is fine with me! I love to eat and gave me an excuse to eat way too many tater tots.

We went from Kent Ale House to Crif Dogs to The Grand National (Jell-O shots and photobooth and BINGO!) to Burnside for fried cheese curds.

The main point is to have fun and hang out with friends. Next month is wings crawl.


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Behind-The-Scenes At Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Recently I got the chance to visit the new Four & Twenty Blackbirds space, which is much bigger than their original location. There’s a separate room where people are just making pie dough while the main area has space for 4-5 work stations for the pie bakers.



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Looking Through Another Lens

Few years ago, my sister gave me her Holga lens for canon dslrs. I used it once and the lens has been sitting on the shelf since. But now that I’m dipping my toes deeper into shooting videos on my Mark III, I thought it would be fun to use the Holga lens. Shoot videos through a plastic toy lens. So couple weeks ago, I took a walk around Red Hook, shot some photos and videos. I haven’t really looked through the videos yet but here are some photos from that day. I especially like the 4th photo of the couple walking on the pier with their dog.








Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream


We all need alone time. Especially when the day is cloudy and rainy. Grab a seat by the window, eat some ice cream, and people watch. Clear you mind.

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

A Frozen East River