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A Frozen East River






Emily Pizza

It’s been a while since I had such a strong reaction to pizza. That first bite of Emily’s signature pie (mozzarella, pistachios, truffle sottocenere, honey), totally blew my mind. It’s been difficult to stray away from this pie but trust me when I say everything on the menu is superb.

Thank you Matt and Emily for letting me spent some time in the restaurant and snapping some photos. Check it out after the jump.

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Dough Doughnuts


I recently got a chance to spend some time in the kitchen at Dough, in Manhattan. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos.
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The 5 Best NYC Fried Chicken Sandwiches Out Of The 13 I’ve Had So Far

Last October I published my 5 best New York City fried chickens out of the 27 I have had so far list and I had mentioned that I also keep a fried chicken sandwich list. So after I published that list, I decided to switch things up and started researching on sandwiches.

Please don’t take this list or my opinions as final words. My favorites may not be your favorites and I like to encourage you to go out and find your own. I have listed the places, address, and prices for all the places I have been to plus another list of places I haven’t been to.

Hopefully when you’re done reading this, you will head out and eat some fried chicken sandwiches!

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Nick, Molly, And East Grand Forks

Oh 12/27/14, my friends Nick (Eggboy) and Molly Yeh got married on their farm in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

East Grand…what? Yep. #farmlife

*Puts a check in the “random places I never thought I would visit” box.

Also *puts a check in the “have experienced -13 degrees and lived through it” box.

I flew in couple days earlier on the 23rd and stayed on the farm with Nick and Molly. Right after she picked me up at the airport, we went straight to Rhombus Guys Pizza. That was where I had my first Fargo beer, the infamous T-Rex pizza, tater tots on pizza, and met Molly and Nick’s families. They all made me feel warm and cozy right away. They’re such lovely people! There’s a part of me, right now, that wishes to relive that week again.

Molly and I go way back and I had met Nick when they first started dating but….we never really hung out or chat. He has always been Molly’s Nick/Eggboy/boyfriend/fiance but after spending a week there, spending Christmas with his family, eating Chinese food, trying my first lefse, I can now totally say that he is my friend too.

So thank you Molly, Nick, and your families for such an awesome time and welcoming me with open arms.

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