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New York A La Cart

Hm…I guess I should’ve posted these photos sooner but oh well! Here you go. Back in 2012, Clay Williams and I ran around the city with Siobhan and Alex, snapping photos for their book New York a la Cart. It’s a book about street food, street food culture, street food history, and the people behind the carts/trucks.

That was a fun couple months. I have posted some of my favorite shots, check them out after the jump.

NY A La Cart

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Back In August

Time needs to slow down




Tokyo 2014

So it took me about 7 months to finally post photos from my Tokyo trip back in March. After a week in Hong Kong with my parents and relatives, it was definitely a good break just to travel by myself. Tokyo is one amazing city and loads of cheap eats. I ate 26 pieces of sushi for USD$33 at a conveyor belt sushi joint at Shinjuku Station and it was darn good sushi too.

Tokyo 2014 Canon

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Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup

I love spending Sundays making stock. Such a relaxing thing to do and makes the apartment smells so nice. Also if I wanted to eat instant noodles on a Wednesday, I can use my own stock instead of using the powdered soup base. Or use it to cook lentils instead of water. Or add cooked rice to make a really quick congee.

So much possibilities!
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Pork Cheek With Beans And Lentils Over Toast

So I did an impulse buy at my local butcher shop. I haven’t eaten them but rarely do I see pork cheeks for sale. Without thinking, I bought a pound and stuffed them in the freezer for another time. And couple months went by (I actually had forgotten that I bought them) and I finally decided to cook with them.

I randomly saw this video of Jamie Oliver cooking beans served with pork and that’s how I came up with this idea. This is a great dish, you can eat it as is or on toast or over rice or add extra stock for soup. Oh the possibilities!

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